Nitin Naik

Nitin is a reluctant engineer who’d much rather be earning a living as a travel photographer. His day job takes him all over the country and around the world, and because he’s a glass half full kinda guy, he looks at it as an opportunistic internship for his next career as a travel photographer.

Nitin is a certified Glutton from the World School of Gluttony. Show him a tasty plate of prawns, and he’ll follow you anywhere. So don’t be surprised to find his posts about wildlife, birds, sanctuaries, monuments, destinations or even #bikelife peppered with references to the food he ate on the trip. He’s a connoisseur of the gastronomic unknown, and you can count on him to expand your culinary horizons with the unlikeliest of restaurants the world over – in seedy alleys, chic streets and airports.

Nitin’s photographs were initially shot with Canon gear – 1100D initially and then on 60D, 7D mk II and 6D. He has over the last year or so moved over to Nikon D500 and the D750 with 24-120/4, 70-200/2.8 and 200-500/5.6 lenses. The Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod 055CXPRO4 completes his setup. He carries his gear wherever possible, and when he can’t, he depends, albeit grumpily, on his iPhone to document his experiences.

Nitin’s photographic prints make excellent gifts.

nitinnaik.in is a growing site with a steadily rising readership. The blog is focused towards people who love to travel, especially to places that feature wildlife, monuments, sanctuaries, destinations and food. If you think your brand reflects Nitin’s aesthetics and audience, please get in touch.

How you can work with Nitin
1. Travel shoots – fee-based or sponsored
2. Guest posts for blogs or publications that are a right fit.
3. FAM/press trips, contests, giveaways, reviews.

If you would like to connect with Nitin, email nitin@nitinnaik.in